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  • FlipShare: Organize, Create, and Share Video Content from Your Flip Camcorder.

Step 1: Step 2: Install Flip Video for Mac and the software walks you through the process of installing the 3ivx Decoder that's necessary for your Mac to play the video captured by the Mino. Step 3: Once the 3ivx Decoder is installed, relaunch Flip Video for Mac—for viewing, lightly editing, and sharing videos on a Web site. You can also save a copy of any video to your Mac's hard drive.

Video Converter. I then just copy the saved movies to my mac harddrive so that I can edit them with a movie editor I use iMovie. CDs, flash drives, etc. The FlipShare software is on the device though, just open it and install it with a few clicks. But as others have noted, the camera mounts as a Flash device, and the videos are AVIs. The videos of his daughter are for his memories, not yours, right? The physical USB port placement is awkward, but surmountable.

Your cousin chose when the program was first launched to have iPhoto open automatically when a camera was attached.

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You can change that preference in the Image Capture application, not in the iPhoto preferences which is slightly counter-intuitive. The Flipshare app should let you do some rough edits, otherwise to use Final Cut Pro, for example, you will have to convert the mp4 format files to e. MPEG Streamclip is a program that might be useful. A USB extender cable might help. Phil, a side note: One of the things that the Flipshare software does is check to see if new firmware is available for the camcorder.

If so, it automatically updates the machine. So if use iPhoto exclusively your Flip camcorder will always be running obsolete firmware.


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Part of the genius of the Flip, in my opinion was its idiot-proof nature and the fact that zero system administration is involved also zero accessories; no extra cables, no charger. Suggesting buying a USB extension cable, for example. Bottom line, it behaves in a manner consistent with what a Mac user expects on a Mac.

The camera is an appliance. This is good behavior. Yes, cable-less is good. Yes the charge via USB is good but they actual industrial design falls far short of ideal in ways that make the poor placement of USB ports on an iMac look acceptable.

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I mitigate the problems with jack placement on iMacs and laptops by using a good USB hub. Is there an Apple equivalent that lets the family videographer share a bunch of videos with relatives? Uploading to Youtube is free, of course, but not private, and the quality may be compromised. It is also a lot more time-consuming than dragging a video into a Flip Channel.

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Matter of taste I guess. FlipShare makes it simple to organize and archive your videos - just drag and drop them into folders you've created, or use the automatically created date-stamped folders. Capture photos. Capture photos straight from your videos using the easy Snapshot feature. You can grab a still-image photo from any of the 60 frames that comprise each second of your video.

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Make movies. FlipShare gives you the power to make your directorial debut - and have fun doing it. Whether you're combining clips or editing them, you have all the easy-to-use features you need to tell a story, including adding custom music. Share your videos privately with friends and family using FlipShare's attachment-free email. Share video content online. FlipShare makes it easy to upload your videos to the Cisco FocalPoint online video workspace as well as other popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Simply select the site and the video, and enter your account information to upload content. Use Flip Channels. Create private Flip Channels, the easiest way to share videos and photos with groups of friends and family. Send greeting cards.

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