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I'm running Snow Leopard on white MacBook not the unibody one. Anyone know solution to this?

Spulture said:. I also have a non-unibody MacBook running Snow Leopard I also tested it on an iMac I looked at the link to the thread, though that looks like it's just for a scripting problem. CrispyXUK macrumors newbie. Feb 25, 17 0. Sep 22, 1 0. It's a remarkable emulator. The problem arises when it comes time to swap discs during a game. If I 'Eject CD' during an image and select a new one using cdrmooby , the game simply continues as if I told it nothing.

The game I have been trying this with is Metal Gear Solid. Disc 2 works from a 'Run CD', but it refers me to disc 1 when I load my save file. It's such a shame, it seems like all of the pieces are working, but a little hangup is blocking the way. I tried. I will definitely use it with my next computer, but for now this is what I have.

I would love to be able to play my favorite classics on my computer, which seems not far from being possible. Dec 22, 67 0. It just wont open. SpeedofMac macrumors newbie. Jan 28, 13 0 Canada. Last edited: Oct 8, I dled some files that are bin. I dled a program called ecm for gui no mater what i tried i couldn't convert these files. Do you have a place that may be better for downloading the games or a application to convert these files. I just can't get that program open.

Wonder if he got a solution. Apr 26, 1 0. Jun 15, 1 0. I need help. I've had no trouble downloading the old version of pcsx as seen in that youtube help video, but i've heard of running reloaded through wine for better graphics. I followed to a tee the step by step on 'Speed of Mac' for installing the windows version through wine on mac osx yet still can't get things to work.

Step 2: Installation

I hear i need to be savvy with terminal?? If so, is there a way to improve graphics plug-ins with simply the mac version? If so, where is it and can someone hold my hand through the process? I've been at this too long and its giving me a headache. Thanks a lot. MacMandoPro13 macrumors newbie. Jul 22, 8 0 Texas. Been wanting to play the original Silent Hill for some time now, I've played most of them, big fan of survival horror. May 12, 1 0.

Playstation Emulator For Mac Os X - headking’s blog

You totally helped me get this going. I am sooo close to getting this to work, the only problem I am now having is that when I load up the game a file on the pcsx the game never loads.

A black screen shows up and nothing ever happens. I am soooo close and this is killing me!!

Can anyone help me? Duouk macrumors newbie. Dec 8, 24 0 UK. Finding this thread was a god send. Hello everyone! Do I need an Xcode? If so then what else?

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Microsoft office word free download. BIN' into the Bios folder. From this menu select Preferences. Uncheck all of the boxes. Having these checked may reduce game quality. Select the Plugins tab.

Category: DEFAULT

Under the Graphics pane, click Configure. A new window will appear. Uncheck all of the boxes except for Enable Hacks. Some games may work better or worse with the Hacks enabled. Return to the Plugins tab and under the Sound pane, select Configure. Move the sliders all the way to the right.

Under Misc check the High Compatibility Mode box.

Cdrmooby psxplugin mac download

Return to the Plugins tab and under the Controller pane, select Configure. Here you can configure the controls to your keyboard or joystick, and select between a Digital controller and an Analog controller. You can also change the controls for Controller 2. The game should play. If not, try again. A browser window will appear, find the PlayStation file, select it, and click Open.

Call of duty world at war iwd files. The game should run. Select 'Show Package Contents' and open Contents.

Paste the cdrmooby.