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However, default Mac Pro video cards for each series, as well as the ports provided by each video card, also are provided below for your convenience:. At the time of purchase, each Mac Pro could be configured with at least one higher performance video card as an optional upgrade.

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Of course, it always is possible to purchase one of the higher performance video cards that was offered with a particular Mac Pro after the initial system purchase. For the original Mac Pro models, this is your only readily available option without hacking the system by also installing a newer, officially unsupported, version of OS X. These all are intended to work with the Mac Pro either with default OS X support or with provided drivers:.

The other video cards above are compatible with the "Early " and "Early " as well as the "Mid" and "Mid" Mac Pro models.

The excellent BareFeats has various " shootouts " that compares several of the above video cards with one another as well as stock Mac Pro video cards that are well worth reviewing. Site sponsor Other World Computing sells a selection of Mac Pro compatible video cards including default options, video cards that originally were offered as custom configurations, and some aftermarket options listed above.

Upgraded the video card in your Mac Pro? Please share your experiences. For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated.

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    What about a quadro card? Lots of VRAM and great performance.

    Mar 7, 1. I'm not an expert in graphics cards. But here is my understanding. For 3-d rendering the has a big advantage roughly twice the speed. Similarly if the software you use can take advantage of the gpu the is faster.

    ATI Radeon HD 5870 Mac Edition: specs and benchmarks

    If you want to have more than two screens then two cards are typically better than one. For your use - to be honest - I don't think you'll notice a difference it does not sound like you are doing 3-d renderings. So then the decision comes down to which you are more likely to do first - add another monitor, or start doing 3-d renderings, or using software that can take advantage of the gpu. Like I said, I'm not an expert. Maybe somebody who is will come along.

    Default and Best Mac Pro Video Cards/Video Card Upgrades: riasenlaland.tk

    In which case they will probably want to know what software you are using. But since you've already ordered your Mac, seems a little late to be asking for this kind of advice. Cindori macrumors Jan 17, 3, Sweden. Nov 9, 1, 1. I'm guessing you do 2D design.


    I shoot in RAW format from the Hassleblad camera typically the files are 50 - 80 MB each i then have to batch convert them save them etc then create design files in Indesign so placing all these super high resolution images creates large files. So, because I'm not doing any 3D work should I swap the two 's for one ? Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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    • Default and Best Mac Pro Video Cards/Video Card Upgrades: riasenlaland.tk.
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