How to set decimal places in excel mac

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Round a number to the decimal places I want

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  • Or is there a better way to handle this? As explained in the documentation here , Suppose that cell A1 contains Mike Roberts Mike Roberts 1 1 silver badge 12 12 bronze badges. Sorry there was an error on my OP and I corrected it now. I have updated my answer to reflect your problem.

    How to Add Decimal Points Automatically in Excel

    Does this work for you? Thanks Mike. But when I do 0. Ron Rosenfeld Ron Rosenfeld Because these two separators are connectect, you usually change both in the same place.

    💡Tip & Trick : Automatically insert decimal point upon entering values (Mac & Windows)

    In Excel, you have two choices: Either modify the thousands and decimal delimiter system-wide or just do it within Excel. Recommendation: Do it system-wide, if you want to change them permanently or also need to do it for PowerPoint. If you just temporarily, simply override them in the Excel options.

    ROUNDDOWN formula examples

    By default, Excel uses the separators defined by your Region settings in Windows. If you permanently and for the whole computer want to change them, follow these steps:. Steps for changing the separators in Windows. Please note 1: Usually the new settings adapt immediately.

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    But sometimes, you have to press F9 in order to recalculate. Please note 2: If the GIF is too fast, please refer to the steps shown on the screenshot on the right hand side.

    Excel - Numbers Formatting with Decimal Places

    Hold on a second. Was this information helpful so far? If yes: Why don't you subscribe to our monthly, free Excel newsletter? You get all this:. The best Excel tips, tricks and tutorials. No spam. Your welcome gift : Our big 45 pages keyboard shortcuts package. Excel lets you control the number of decimal places displayed when you have numbers that aren't whole. The options for displaying decimals in Excel include:.

    How to Use Microsoft Excel. Learn Online.

    For numbers that you've already entered in a worksheet , you can increase or decrease the number of decimal places displayed by using the toolbar buttons. Click the Increase Decimal or Decrease Decimal button in the Number group to increase or decrease the number of decimal places. Each click adds or removes a decimal place. In desktop versions of Excel, you can create custom decimal rules for the various built-in number types using the Number Format dialog box.

    Click the arrow next to the list of number formats in the Number group and select More Number Formats at the bottom of the drop-down list. To have Excel enter the decimal points automatically, you can specify a fixed decimal point for all numbers in your worksheet.