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Overnights mean that employees work outside their stores' open hours to prepare their location for the next day's new sale. Generally, that means Macs, iPhones, or iPads -- but not always. Apple has publicly said that it plans to launch Mountain Lion in July, and the operating system recently went gold , meaning it's finished and ready for launch. What's not clear, however, is why Apple would require overnight work for its stores when the company's operating system will be available to current Mac owners via digital download.

Apple is not launching hardware with the operating system, and as 9to5Mac points out, it might only be "a few guys running around with the master image installing it on every Mac" in the store, seemingly making overnights unnecessary. Aside from the overnights offering some proof, 9to5Mac points out that Apple plans to hold its third-quarter earnings call on July The Apple blog believes the iPhone maker will follow the same path with Mountain Lion.

Whenever Mountain Lion launches, the operating system will deliver over updates, including the addition of Notification Center and Messages. We will update this story when we have more information. If you're a developer, right now.

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The company hasn't specified an actual date, but it has scheduled its earnings call for July More than most OS upgrades, Mountain Lion is a highly-anticipated one with plenty of changes. It boasts Twitter integration you can tweet from any window and other new features, many of which will make the Mac OSX interface appear more integrated with iOS on the iPad and iPhone. For example, reminders and iMessages that appear on your phone will also pop up on your desktop.

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Today, Apple's iCloud technology syncs media music, photos and some data among iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and to a limited extent Macs. As iCloud and the Mac evolve, Apple's vision of a unified experience across all devices is becoming clearer. With iOS 5 , Apple introduced iMessage for its mobile devices, which emulated BlackBerry Messenger's ability to send messages either as text messages or pure data. Now iMessage gets a desktop friend: Messages, which replaces iChat and acts as an instant-messaging app for accounts on AIM, Google Chat and others that's iMessage-friendly.

You can easily send photos and videos via messages, and you can launch FaceTime from the app, too. It's as yet unclear how it'll handle text messages sent to specific phone numbers, but it's another step toward a unified chat experience.

Notifications got a huge upgrade with iOS 5, so it only makes sense that similar technology makes an appearance on Mountain Lion. Notifications will have a unified look, popping up in the top right of the screen no option to customize the location and going away quickly. Sliding two fingers to the side on your trackpad will open up your notifications list on the right side of the screen, which looks almost exactly the same as its cousin on iOS.

Apple has added a Share button to its apps, which it calls Share Sheets. Now when you're in Safari, you can quickly send a link.

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Same with photos from iPhoto and Photo Booth! There's also an option to add location. Tellingly, Twitter is an ubiquitous option while Facebook sharing has only been added to QuickTime.

Twitter integration is now at the OS level with Mountain Lion, and logging in once from you System Preferences enables sharing across all apps. Share options for Twitter are built into almost all Apple apps, and any replies and mentions you get will pop up as notifications.

The iOS Game Center comes to the Mac, bringing with it leaderboards, game discovery from friends and even multiplayer gameplay. That's right, with Mountain Lion you'll be able to play games on your Mac with your friends in iOS devices, in real time. That is, as long as there's a Mac version -- good thing Apple is releasing the Game Kit tool to make it easier for developers to creat Mac games that play nice with Game Center. On the Mac, AirPlay mirroring can send whatever's on your screen to a TV set connected to an Apple TV at p resolution , giving those videos and presentations room to stretch out.

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The app lets you make a lists within tasks, and you can set alerts, too -- just like on iOS. One thing missing in the Mac version, though: the ability to set an a location-based alert, reminding you to do something when you arrive at or leave a place. You'll still need an iPhone or iPad to create those. Like Reminders, Notes now gets an Mac version, with some special abilities. The app is compatible with rich text, letting you add photos, movies and bulleted lists to your notes.

Plus you can treat them like Post-It notes, sticking individual notes to your screen so they always appear "on top" of your apps. Like reminders, Notes get the iCloud-syncing treatment across all your iOS devices.