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Main non-movable parts long bones, pelvis, skull and chest were sculpted from Magic Sculp. Once the initial frame was set, I could realistically pose my figures, as the body joints were in the right places. Then I added knees, elbows and other joints to set the poses. Next to sculpt were headsm hands and feet. Tools of trade are visible on the photo. I use dental tools to work the Magic Sculpt while it's still workable. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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Pick it up. Fucking run! Run, you fuckwit! Namespaces Article Talk.

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  • Production website. The team experience a tough roadside ops, whilst Mary catches Nick's attention.

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    Nick is desperate to find some decent food to use in an attempt to seduce Mary, whilst Simon gets into trouble on roadside ops. Simon tries to get a book deal for his memoir.

    Nick tries to prove he is not superstitious to the padre, while Simon tries to earn respect by joining in dangerous homemade games with Mac and Rocket. Mary reveals a secret about her past before she became a padre and Nick tries to take full advantage. Bird is offered a promotion. Nick and Simon help each other to learn to dance, whilst the arrival of veterinary corps Captain Parikh reveals Bird as a terrible flirt.

    A mortar attack on the patrol base sends Bluestone 42 diving for cover.

    Sitcom Geek: A Hot Prop of Nuts - Bluestone 42 Episode 3

    Bluestone 42 Christmas special. This episode was originally due to air on 23 December but was postponed after a British soldier was killed during active service in Afghanistan. Mac tries to get the camp's "filthiest bastard" award by lying about how he contracted crabs. Nick tries to bluff his way through a Glock Weapons Handling Test. A blast from the past knocks Nick off his game. Bird tries to teach Mary a lesson that the padre is out of touch with the troops.

    #1 - Episode 6

    Nick and the Lt Colonel find themselves in a battle of wills. Rocket gets a pet rat. The team gets a visit from a government minister, to whom Mary unexpectedly takes a shine.